Gigolo advertising on the net

came across this ad on the net, if u wanna know where i got this, u can email me or leave the comment. ^^

Here goes the ad
Im an American male model living in Singapore. Im in the ‘business’ of spending time with women, regardless of age or shape. All women are beautiful and every woman deserves to be treated like a Princess at least once in her life. Hope to hear from you:) -Q


(Sorry girls, these are not his real photo, I have his real photos here in my compie, he used these photos to attract more eyeballs to his ad)

Im a former model and professional athlete from the US. I moved to Singapore about 6 months ago. 


I might be available this weekend. Let me know and I’ll try to make something work. 

Well, I tried phishing for more info playing the role of a cash rich woman and got him to reply on two occasions, well, for privacy reasons, I will not reveal his real photos. i do not know how the male escort market works out there. But this guy charges like $1000 for a night of dinner and outing. Don’t know what goes on after that. Guess who’s footing the bill for the dinner? Who else? It sounds like a real good deal to me, hehe, 1k for eating and chatting for the night rather than spending time doing nothing at home. Sounds like a real good deal.

Well you girls out there, if you have that kind of $$$$, would u spend your time and money with such a guy? What’s your stand on this ???

and you know that you pay $1k for a night not to play chess or watch desperate housewives together, tell me a situation where you would be willing to pay for such service. let’s discuss this topic.

6 thoughts on “Gigolo advertising on the net

  1. i’m looking for lonely rich the quote us$200 MYR500 per nite..
    any lonely rich women need..i;m desperate,i need money for living

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