Katak vs Belimbing

Talking about frogs and star fruit, what similarities do u see in them?

Well, for a start, we can see only differences.

Katak is frog and is also an animal

star fruit
star fruit

Star fruit or belimbing is a fruit. There’s no similarities in them.

At a glance, the only similarity in these two pictures is—- they’re both green.

Hmm, seems like there’s nothing else similar besides this.

Ok. today i’m not gonna tell u anything about animals or fruits. But i wanna stress on the similarities of the qualities of the politicians in Malaysia borrowing the image projected by these two organisms.

First, the politicians are like katak, or frogs, toads, whatever u like to call them or in Indonesian, Kodok, or in Italian (Rana), yeah, I hope they Merana later on alrite. They know how to jump, and yes, they started out as tadpoles, those tiny creatures that I used to catch and keep in a water bottle when I was young. Man, these 8/9 months old tadpoles do grow fast. Real tadpoles instead take about 80 overs days to grow as a real Katak (frog). I wonder how long these tadpoles from March 2008 elections take to grow????

tadpole to frog
tadpole to frog
frog jump
frog jump

And what’s with Belimbing, star fruit? For a start, Belimbing has many faces, these politicians have multiple faces. First when u see side A, u see an angel, when u turn over to side B, u get a devil, then when they face the media, the turn to another side. Finally, on judgment day, when they see God, they’d turn to another face. They are buggers with multiple faces.

A final word for the Katak Belimbings.  No matter how many faces u have or how well u can jump, there’s no way to jump to heaven for u so called God-fearing creatures.  The only star u can get, like all star fruits do, are stars when someone gives u a well deserved punch.

Signing off here..

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