Japan – The Land of cuteness

I went to Japan recently for 2 weeks.

Seen a lot of nice things of Japan and greatly in love with the country.

Apart from the Cock Tempura (which has no resemblance of the human cock, in fact is a chicken tempura), Japan is full of cuteness. I have to emphasize the CUTENESS!

Just look at these photos taken in Osaka.

Japanese Pre-School Kids

Japanese Pre-School Kids

Japanese Pre-School Kids

aren’t they adorable!! Kawaiiiiiiiiii ne

Well, somehow the cute girls and boy would grow into girls like these later on.

This one is taken at Asakusa, Tokyo

Japanese Pre-School Kids

Or become a cosplay girl (costume play)

Cosplay girl

probably, the cosplay girls example is not a good example of the cute things that u can see in Japan, let’s look at the Cosplay Lolita Girls who drags a small suitcase with them everywhere they go (with their plain clothes of course)

Cosplay lolita girl

They do look cute, don’t they?

Well, the best part is, I saw the flower dog always forwarded on the Internet some time ago in real life.

here it is

Flower dog

I told u, it’s cute, real cute!

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