Primate Behaviour in Human

Suddenly got interested in knowing more about human behaviour. Hence, I went to look for clues about the possible topics of primate behaviour and its relation with human behaviour. I’m particularly interested in a topic, which is the action of Opening a mouth, and so I found this piece on Visual communication of a Primate (ie, an Orang Utan or Chimpanze, which are supposedly the close cousins of humans)

It says

VISUAL COMMUNICATION:open mouth grin: This is where the mouth is open, the corners of the mouth are drawn back, and the teeth are showing (Estes, 1991). This display is shown when an individual is threatened by a more dominant individual that it fears (Estes, 1991).

open mouth threat: This is where the mouth is open, the teeth are covered by the lips, and the eyes are staring forward at the receiver (Estes, 1991). This display is done to threaten a subordinate (Estes, 1991).

tense-mouth face: This is where the lips are compressed tightly and the eyes are staring at the receiver (Estes, 1991). This display occurs before or during the chasing of a subordinate and before or during copulation (Estes, 1991).

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What interests me more after reading this article is the close resemblance between Human and the Primates as shown in the photo below:

Grin of a human and an ape

So if the scientists are right, we can safely conclude that actually the person in the photo is feeling threatened somehow by a more dominant individual that he/it fears. This person’s mouth is wide open, just like the ape’s!!!!!!

I like science!!! It’s the coolest thing on Earth! and not to forget, the coolness of Primatology and what u see — the resemblance in Human !!!

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