Malaysian 12th General Election – cibailang’s observation

Cibailang kengchau lived in jakarta for 4 years. Here i witnessed first hand account of a society which had lived with the nightmare of a massacre about 10 years ago when chinese were killed cold bloodedly, Chinese shops were looted, Chinese girls raped, torrents of emails were sent all over the world spreading the news.

Chances are, you were one of the recipients.

Malaysia, on the other hand, has its own dark history of the ethnic clashes between the Chinese and the Malays. The whole chapter on this piece of nightmare, is famously termed as 5-13 or May 13th. Many would argue that chances of this happening is either very high or very low. No matter what one chooses to believe, it’s something created by human.

In the Indonesian context, economic reasons seem to be the main culprit. Why would a peace loving country suddenly turn ugly and start killing,raping, looting? One asks. What are the motivations behind all these? As the Chinese saying goes, 无风不起浪,wave does not surface without wind. So what or who is the wind that created such sick waves? Killer waves like these 2 dark chapters in South East Asian history were all linked to politics and politics will eventually link to money.

Waves like these does not happen because some Malays or Indonesian run amok from no where.

Who are these political figures that would make such a move?

In case u r still ignorant, in Malaysia, it’s a political party called UMNO. Race based politics is wrong, especially in today’s context, a leader of a country does not enrich only 1 single ethnic group of its country.

Think of Malaysia as a family, in the family, there is a big brother who is called Malay, a sister who is called Chinese, an Indian brother, and one day, due to adoption, Malaysia adopts Kadazan, Iban, Murut, and numerous other siblings. They are collectively called Malaysians. But as the parents of the Malaysians, they chose to feed more to the Malay, feed less to the Chinese and Indian because the Malay got the habit of eating too much that they can’t possbily live with a day without extra food, so the Malay will only grow horizontally and become horizontally challenged, whereas the Chinese, Indian will have to learn to be more self-dependent rather than waiting for their parents to feed them. What happen to the Iban, Kadazan, Murut is only logical that they don’t get any thing more than bread crumb.

After feeding the big brother for so long, the Chinese and Indian brothers still regard Malaysia as their family and want to be filial sons and daughters to Malaysia, sadly, the parents got so used to see its eldest son that they totally forgot about the existence of their other children, biological or adoptive. So it’s only natural that the divide among the siblings exists and the gap grows larger by they day. As long as the parents keep on emphasizing that Malay deserve better treatment, the family will never be a happy one, as they don’t receive the same amount of care and love a parent is supposed to give to his children.

And so one day, Indian stood up and told papa that they don’t like to see this, Indian wants to have same amount of food Malay is having coz he is starving. Chinese is born timid and scared that big brother Malay will bully her so she chose to keep quiet. The parents didn’t like Indian’s behaviour, and so, they choose to slap Indian on his face, when Indian retaliated, parents decided to ground Indian at home. When Chinese saw all these, she chose to remain quiet because she’s too scared that she will be slapped and grounded too.

And so the family relations gets worse by the day. I don’t see any chances that this family will end up in good terms.

To all ignorant Chinese, Malays or Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Malaysian Singapore PRs or whoever bearing a Malaysia IC.

A failed government will not bring prosperity.

Nationalism doesn’t work in Malaysia because the Malaysian family is not a tightly knitted one for the parents never wanted them to be united.

The current parents are more concerned with building big houses for themselves and feeding its close cousins. Our parents (government) are not sincere in nation building, they are more interested in amassing wealth and fortune for themselves. Malaysia is blessed with ample natural resources ( as in petroleum and good weather for cultivation ), bad governance will scare the hell out of potential investors. Scandals after scandals hit Malaysia, public funds are not being used for the good of the nation but to enable some parties to become obscenely rich. Browse for more information.

Your parents might be an UMNO, MCA, MIC member, but that doesn’t stop you to choose what is right. There’s a chinese saying again, 大义滅亲,which literally translates to, when the moment comes to pick between justice and family ties, justice shall be chosen ahead of family ties.

I am a product of the Malayian education system and I know that the syllabus is created to make the students hear the government rather than having/forming their own thoughts, it is by working abroad, reading, reading and reading that makes me understand more of the failed political state of Malaysia.

As Wee Meng Chee mentioned, he only understands what democracy is after living in Taiwan.

The Chinese word for democracy is combination of 民 citizen and 主 ruler, which says citizen or the masses rule the day. However, most of the citizens of this country are not sophisticated enough to see the bigger picture. They are all scared that their lives will be threaten in case the opposition wins. Remember, only UMNO will come up with such tactics, scare tactics,

let’s compare 2 websites


From the language of the KPMU articles be it English or Malay, and the language used by articles in malaysia-today, one can see the difference in terms of attitude and how cultured one is. KPMU is primarily a hate site which is what UMNO is trying and has been doing all these years. It’s like a cancerous cell spreading all over and it’s already at a point of no return.

A country led by a sleepy PM, a bomber killer, racist SIL, coupled with a judiciary that is not clean, ACA with a corrupted head (unlike HK ICAC, if u r a Chinese who watches TVB series, ICAC is famed to be really clean, u know why HK is so powerful economically even without any resource? Not because they are Chinese, it’s more than that.). I chose not to speak more, bad governance and rotten leadership will not make Malaysia a better place to live.

And to all Chinese who thinks that Chinese is superior race and that’s why u don’t need government’s funding to build schools and clan associations. This is not 1900 anymore, the political landscape is much different, please move on. How superior you may be, if not united and your Chinese community’s voice is led by a running dog, your superiority is no more than just a doggie’s bark in the mind of UMNO politicians. Think of Ong Ka Ting as a dog who can’t bite, who can wag his tail, think of Koh Tsu Koon who is always sticking out his tounge and trying to lick someone’s ass off. Wake up please. It’s time to tell MCA and Gerakan off. The only time u get an extra bone is before elections when UMNO throws a bone and Ong Ka Ting will “woof, woof, woof” !

Remember, Malaysia needs your help.

UMNO is cancerous. It’s malicious.
MCA is just a tail wagging dog licking the malicious cancerous cells of UMNO.
MIC is, u know what lah, needless to say. U know what.
Gerakan is equally bad, just licking the cancerous cells too.

The fear that you should know is, you vote BN in, you get another 5 years of hell.

Salam and see you on the voting booth on the 8th

3 thoughts on “Malaysian 12th General Election – cibailang’s observation

  1. Changes are there, people are getting more tuned to the outside world and media… the rural place in MY still have the same song singing, but the big metropolitan area people are more aware of the situation…

    Give some time, hopefully for those that still stay in MY will have a better future

  2. you have a very good point of view and i respect your view. umno is really cancerous… hopefully i will be able to see a fair mother one day.. although the chances are extremely low.

  3. You got that right, but then they are still holding to the so call special right that they so ‘rightfully’ owned as the bumipetra, the native, when they themself are also immigrant(other race such as kadazan, iban in east my and other race in west my wereamong the earliest inhibitants), the changes are happening now, the gen. election in this year had shown the changes. But then again the changes will certainly takes up a few years before real equalitiescan be acheived, cos any drastic changes might result in the repetence of the 513 incident(it involve the three major race, chinese, malay, indian. not two race) because there are still alot that had relied too much of it that they need the staff to live on, pray that the changes will eventually come without any bloodshed.

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