Sailormoon Wannabees


Even though the fat guy on the left has made a ‘fool’ out of himself, kudos must be given to the fat old sailormoon fan, he really has the guts to wear like Sailormoon!!! His guts put damnalot of other men to shame, albeit a rather unusual way. No point of arguing his guts, the real fact is, he dares to be different, while some of us would just do everything to be accepted in the society, dress alike, think alike, work alike, smell similar, read the same best-seller books, eat the same food. Sometimes there are just too much sameness at one place and it’s sickening to a certain extent. Seeing a funny guy like him, Sailorbeardmoon is certainly an eye-opener, or rather eye-sore, depending on how you see and how u think. But when we see things, we can make assumptions and judgement based on what we were being taught and our how much our personal value is like. Sometimes a glance will make you think that he’s damn stupid and weird, but if you step into his shoes, he might think that he is the single largest male fan in the whole world and he enjoys being a fan of the cartoon. He took the trouble to tailormade his own costume to suit his large size. Think of the process he has gone through to get this on his huge frame. He has indeed done a lot and no one should actually make fun of him. Well, he is inviting people to do just that 😛

Anyways, i have one word for this anonymous fat sailormoon fan. !


Never I’ll wear soemthing like that in my entire life!!! I wonder how he looks like when he do the transformation sequence and shouting MAKE-UP in the process! :>:D

Even Sailormoon don’t know what to say! 🙄

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