My First Saman In Singapore

Today receive a letter from dear Singapore Government. It’s a letter by the traffic police department.

I officially kena my first Saman in Singapore.

For what?

For Crossing the road.
you are

You are charged that you on 17th July 2007 at about 12.17 pm along somewhere in singapore and at the junction of the place failed to conform to the signalised traffic sign whilst making use of the pedestrian crossing to with by crossing the said junction when the signal light was red and not in your favour an offence under rle 3(3) road traffic (pedestrian crossings) rules and punishable under section 121(6 (B) of the road traffic act chapter 276.

My advice to the police department, simplify your sentence. Your guys are cramming over 80 words in one bloody sentence and only 1 comma in the whole 80 words. I know I’ve committed an offence, and challenging my intellectuality by posing an 80 words sentence is way too much coz u r already imposing me a fine of S$20.

Send your guys to English course, don’t exert your power over people like me by overpowering your sentences, I know u r “very the power”. That’s why you can issue summons to people who cross the road when it’s red light on the pedestrian crossing signal light.

(Well, even when there are no vehicles in sight for like 500 metres. And the distance i am trying to cross is a mere 30 metres) . I’m wrong, but there are thousands others who do the same thing everyday, why don’t u go catch real crooks out there, or are there no crooks to catch that you have to resort to catch people like me?

What I heard from a friend, on one of his bus trips some time ago , he didn’t know the exact fare and paid the second most expensive amount, thinking that might be the price he has to pay. However shit happened and an inspector came in to the bus and checked his ticket. The inspector checked my friend’s ticket and it’s not paid according to the fare that he’s supposed to pay. The amount 10 cents.

That’s the factual part of the story, now for the really annoying part. The inspector treated my friend as if he has committed a very serious offence, well probably to him YES, and showed him a sucky face and demanded him to pay the full amount, well, not adding up 10 cents but rather paying the amount in full on top of his earlier fare.

So, what’s the logic? Is the inspector/conductor punishing my friend or what? Is this a plain guideline for all conductors? My friend felt as if he’s punished by a discipline master and my friend is already an adult at his 30s.

Singapore is indeed a very highly disciplined country. NO DOUBT about that.

But I will still cross the road when it’s Red Light with some common sense.


I’m sure some police officers do this too.

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