When Hairy Met Fanny a.k.a When Penis Met Cb

one fine day, cb met penis and they begin to tak

cb : penis, i think u r not handsome
penis : sorry, but i think u look ugly too
cb: then why u always come visit me
penis : errrr. errr…errrr
cb : see, u say u think i look ugly, but still come see me
cb: u liar lah
penis : nolah, …speechless
cb:give me a reason.if nt dont come to see me anymore

cb vs penis
1 – 0

penis : because you are the prettiest among all the ugly cb
cb:even u r nt handsome but i still like u…u r nt handsome,but u r cute
penis : then lets get together
penis : i love u cb
cb:mmmmm…go away…u so bad(flirting)
penis : dont be like that lah…. come come
cb: mmmm…dowan
penis : wan lah
cb:my auntie is here…im shy
penis : oooh, when will your auntie go away?
cb: mayb u ask ur uncle come n visit my auntie…
penis : but he’s married
cb: then NVm…my auntie will go after 4days
penis : nice, can we meet then?
cb: sure
penis : good, i love u cb
cb: how can i resist u…u r so cute
penis :i think u definitely look better than your sister down there ( )*( )
cb : definetely, i have smoother skin compare to her
penis : and u smell better too
cb :sure….. but u r very differnt form ur brother…
penis : izit
cb : how come u r so diffrent form ur brother??

penis : which brother?
cb : u have 2 twins brother is it??
penis : u mean the two younger brothers?
cb : which one younger?? i cant diffentiate
penis :actually they are not just identical twins ,they were actually born at the same time too
cb : oooo, but they r so close to u
cb : everytime u come look for me…they for sure follow along
penis : so none of them is younger or older, but sometimes, due to eating habits, one of them will get bigger
cb : really?
penis : yes

cb: yerrrrrr…i dont care ur brothers r here….come baby….
cb: but make sure they dont come in along….
penis : alright baby!

The End

3 thoughts on “When Hairy Met Fanny a.k.a When Penis Met Cb

  1. never knew that cibai n lancio can hv such a sweet talk! but what if they quarrel? think it will get nasty when they say “f**k u!” 2 each other!

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