The real CIBAI lang , not cibaiLang

MP in Malaysia are really making a fool out of themselves, considering they are actually representative of their constituency and kampung or town or city or whatsoever, the fact that they are so dumb and so low to issue such remarks is really a ‘CIBAILANG’ act.

Bocor literally means leaking, which is something Malaysian government has been facing for the past few months, due to poor quality in contractor’s work, a few important government buildings which was built not too long ago experience leakage, well everyone knows what’s happening behind all these, needless to say more.

So what happened when big big holes discovered in Government offices and buildings?
You bring up the issue in a meeting! Highligh the issue.
So when this leakage issue was brought up, two BOZOS two cibai langs

who might have scored perfect marks in ‘Pembiakan’ or reproduction system in Biology class, straight away link up the issue with tap leaking. Creative, i’d say. No matter how creative u r, saying that in a parliament meeting is just too dumb, u can kiss your parliament seat good bye.

to end with a pantun

Kinabatangan mula cakap bocor
Jasin rasa syiok dan sokong dia
Apasal selalu pikir benda kotor
Padahal tugas lu bangunkan m'sia

locked ta


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5 thoughts on “The real CIBAI lang , not cibaiLang

  1. … bocor… if u r talking about this topic.. let me tell u sth… these ppl eventually attacked one of chinese lady from the party pembangkang by saying her “BOCOR” during the parliament meeting.. tarak moral betui

  2. Hey, why you guys so lack of sense of humour one? Our *honorable* PM already tell it’s a joke mar.

    So no need to keep wracking liao lar. Right, pighead PM?
    (relax, joking what, i can say whatever i can… if you unhappy then i apologize lor.)

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