A note to all who celebrate Labour Day : Centenarians

We all work, whether you are a student, a teacher, a trader, a full-time blogger, a policeman, a politician, a prostitute, an engineer, a designer or whatever, living to the fullest is something which all of us must strive for.

Been reading a book lately and I found this part particularly fit for May Day. It’s on some facts on Centenarian. Centenerian are those who reach the age of 100, ahem, a century old man or woman. Maybe you don’t want to live so long, or you think this has nothing to do with May Day, read on, it’ll inspire you! Something Cibailang don’t always do, inspire!

Some facts on Centenarians

a) Centenarians are not obese (thinking of those who live in Malaysia who’s getting more and more prone to stroke and other heart diseases, this is really-really relevant) If your work requires you to sit more than 6 hours a day, you’ll develop health problems for sure, so start doing something to your lifestyle, do some exercise. You might not want to reach 100 years old, but tryin to be one does have its benefits.

b) Centenarians rarely smore (okay, I have no say over this, i’m not discouraging you not to smoke neither i’m encouraging u to smoke more) But centenarians rarely smoke.

c) Centenarians seem to have delayed or avoided age-related health problems such as stroke, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes althoug no one knows why (Many centenarians are donating their bodies to science for study after their deaths) This point and point (a) are quite similar, again, stay fit, stay healthy. Don’t forget as a labourer or employee, you are responsible for your own health, your company will only cover for partial or full medical reimbursements, stay healthy for those benefits are the last ones that you will ever exercise.

d) Centenarians have a stress-reduction mindset — they handle stress better than others (sometimes called the “Centenarian Personality”) What about u? Do u handle your work-related stress well? Do u play politics at office? Living in this modern society, if everyone could adopt this mindset, the office will be a better place for everyone. Working doesn’t mean that you will always need to be living in stress, learn how to turn it into a different kind of energy for u!

e) Centenarians have a sense of humour – an ability to laugh at themselves and others. Man, let loose, don’t just work, =) Labour day is not just a day to rest, it’s for you to tell yourself to change the way, your work attitude, the way you see yourself, your role in your office.

f) Centenarians have a sense of hope – they look forward to tomorrow with anticipation. Is your work filled with hope? Filled with positive energy? Or is it filled with negativity? If you see your work as a place worse than hell? Then you have to rethink. Chart yourself a more postive road. You might not have thought of becoming a centenarian, but if you try to be like them, you will live a better, happier life!

g) Centenarians are engaged — they do something, have an interest, are involved. So do something, don’t just be a couch potato, rediscover your lost interest, life is not just work ! =) Get a hobby, rediscover yourself if you have lost yourself for long!

h) Centenarians have an ability to cope with loss (the longer you live, the more you lose: family, including children, friends, sight, hearing, driving etc) and still go on with life. What this implies on people like you and me, strong and able to work, is to be positive, accept losses, bad times, misjudgements in making a decision might cost you some, but accept it, you lose some, you gain on experience, accept losses with an open heart. Life goes on! Oh bloody, Oh Bloodah, life goes on ….. lah lah lah lah life goes on!

Labour Day is not just another day to rest, to shop, to watch Spiderman 3 (well that’s a good choice tho), it’s time to rethink bout your career, your job, yourself!

Happy Labour Day!

2 thoughts on “A note to all who celebrate Labour Day : Centenarians

  1. Yes, they live 🙂 Happily
    Wear a smile.
    Sometime a person needs to get into a deep shithole and only after coming out from it, the person will live a more cheerful life 🙂

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