Don’t let dialect heritage die

Read another reader’s comment on bringing back the dialect culture to Singapore.

Kacang Lupakan Kulit
You can read the article here

Thinking bout dialects brought me to the topic of the differences between SG and MY. So thought of compiling something for you guys out there. Why the tiny red dot is different with the Bolehland?

Here are just some of the differences between MY and SG.

Malaysia vs Singapore

5 thoughts on “Don’t let dialect heritage die

  1. hi, remember the days when all mandarin shows on malaysian tv are dubbed to cantonese?? strange right? but systems in malaysia are instable like a woman’s mood, always changing..
    another addition,
    singaporean and malaysian both speak weird english accent..
    singaporean laughing at malaysia why got petronas twin tower at this kinda country, while malaysian laughing at singaporean have to come jb to play golf…=)

  2. Well some of my frens will just “honk” at those drivers driving a car with “S” plate number, when the S plate car driver did nothing specificaly wrong…..When asked, they said bcos they have been treated rudely (or maybe been looked down) by S’porean when they underwent a training or something in the island. S ppl are just too guailan too CB. and must teach them a lesson or two……….
    well, again, half of the driver driving “S” plate car could be a M’sian working in Spore.
    And well again, look at their behaviour honking without reason was also GL CB too.

    Another weird experience….when msian speak in “malay” to s’pore Malay (not the old old generation)….the S Malay will answer back in “Singlish”. haaaaaa….zin cb

    alrite, to CIBAILANG creator
    Hey, chong wai here.couldn’t get hold of you.What is your S hp#?

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