Cibailang Also Fight AIDS

Today, we are going to inform all the ardent fans and audience, WWW.CIBAILANG.COM FIGHT AIDS too, just like what Bono and Oprah Winfrey do.

aids cibai

This is how Oprah and Bono does it:
1.) Liaise with red-colored iPod nano (Apple Inc.) where $10 of each purchase of the iPOD at $199 goes to donation.
2.) Get these large MCN: Gap Inc., Motorola Inc., Converse Inc. and Emporio Armani to donate for every purchase done on certain selected items.

This is how it works for WWW.CIBAILANG.COM:
1.) Read the blog and laugh out loud. Hey, it’s so cibai here until I don’t have time for sex or drugs. No sex and drugs for me please! Only WWW.CIBAILANG.COM. Hence, transfer of HIV virus will not happen.
2.) We have friendster account which you can cibaily add at, which you can add and chat with one another. Through here, it will enable everybody to share their thoughts in overcoming AIDS. Everybody can do their part and not just cibaily seated and say WE ARE FIGHTING AIDS BUT NOT DOING ANYTHING.
3.) WWW.CIBAILANG.COM is more savvy in reaching the mass through the worldwideweb at our website. This is so cibaily creative and we are doing it through words spread by mouth even though we are commonaries!

Just in case u wanna know how the red ipod looks like, see here

Red ipod

sexy thing ehh

bono also Fight AIDS with Cibailang
Bono with Red Motorola phones. Supporting the RED movement.

red amex to fight AIDS with cibailang
Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen also use the red Amex !!

official site for this cause : Product red is a global movement to support the cause of fighting AIDS in Africa.

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