Cibailang Sperm Bank is Ready For Service

Cibailang Sperm Bank

today, me and my colleagues were talking bout titles in a company. since we are lowly programmers working at a bank, and we never stop talking bout making a new move to a new bank, so a guy pointed, I wanna move to another bank, the SPERM BANK. 😛

Ok, so I asked, what do u wanna do in the SPERM BANK, don’t they have IT system as well? Yes, I’ll be an SA there (for non-tech guys, SA is normally short for Systems Analyst), not SA as in Systems Analyst but Sperm Analyzer, ooooh Yeah!

Then another guy said, I wanna be the CEO, not Chief Executive Officer, but CUNT EATING OFFICER or Cibai Eating Officer 😛

Crap, holy crap, so what about me? What should I do? I’m now a Programmer Analyst, so the short is PA, or rather, Penis Analyzer? Crap, I’m no gay, I wanna analyze Cunt or Cibai, no Penis for God’s sake! Kanne 😀

So after some thoughts, here’s the structure for Cibailang’s Sperm Bank, in case we’re gonna start one.

CEO : Cunt/Cibai Eating Officer (Originally Chief Executive Officer)
CTO : Cunt/Cibai Testing Officer (Originally Chief Technology Officer)
CIO : Cunt/Cibai Integration Officer (gets to integrate with Cibai >>> Originally Chief Information Officer)
CFO : Cunt/Cibai Fucking Officer (This position is only open for straight males, sorry ladies and gay friends) (Originally Chief Financial Officer)
PM : Penis Masturbator (Original Version : Project Manager)
APM : Ass Penis Massager (Original Version : Associate/Application Project Manager)
SA : Sperm Analyzer/Analyst (Originally Systems Analyst)

Qualification to be considered the above jobs are :
MBA : Masturbation Bonking Analyst
EMBA : Enhanced Male Balls Activity [highly productive balls]

and it’s inevitable that all banks are subjected to auditing processes. So there are a few BIG 4 companies out there waiting to audit our Cibailang Sperm Bank, namely,
E&Y : Ejaculate & Yeah (Yeah baby yeah)
PWC : Penis Will Cum (Yeah baby Yeah)
KPMG : Kiss Polish My Genitals (Oh Yeah, suck it baby)
A (ok, this one no abbreviation) : Ahhh, Ahhhh (Ooh Baby, yeah)

Ok, as a man, or rather a straight guy, here’s a conclusion to what I’ve written above.

If we take the examples above and look into the real corporate lives, it’s a fact that the top guys are having helluva time! They’re getting the cunts and cibais and the low level guys are getting the penises. If you get what I mean.

Lifes’ like that, the top guys will get the rewards or benefits and perks and women (excuse the example). But that’s the fact, top guys only do Cibai things to get so much back in return.

And on the other hand, the lowly, PMs,APMs, SAs, PAs, and the rest actually have to play with their own penises or Lampa until the sperm come out ejaculated. So in other words, the low level are subjected to play with their own things, that’s their work, their job description. SA (sperm analysts or Systems analyst) gotta analyze sperm, this is akin to systems analyst analyzing mundane programs and requirements and doing lotsa testings on the sperm (program). PA (programmer analyst aka penis analyst) have to analyze their own penises, so it’s not as high level or productive as SA (sperm analyst) who actually analyzes the final product (outcome as in sperm)~ get it? PM (project manager aka penis massager ~ pressure mounts) only have to do even lesser things but they don’t get as much perks as the CEO,CIO,CTO or CFOs, but they stand higher in the hierarchy of SAs and PAs.

and those BIG 4 companies only come and fuck u until they get orgasm and ejaculate, the names E&Y (Ejaculate & Yeah), PWC (Penis will cum) all show that they are in for the fun or rather fuck your asses out.

So as you can see, in the real world, or in this made up Cibailang Sperm Bank world, we’re pretty much living in a Cibailang Sperm Bank World. Whether you like it or not, if you are working, you’re already an employee or the Cibailang Sperm Bank with branches in every civilized country of the world.

Ok, i’ve made enough enemies today. ~end of this post

disclaimer : what you see may not be what you see and what you think you understand from this post may not be what i think. =)

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