Italy vs France – Cibailang’s Pick

A few Facts Ahead of Sunday’s World Cup Final

Italy hasn’t beaten France since 1978. Italy won all of the last official 2 encounters

Italy is the ONLY team that won ALL of its games, except for one where it tied with the US thanks to an own goal.

France is the ONLY team in this WC that beat teams that have won all of their games (Spain, Brazil and Portugal)

Unlike Portugal, Italy has prolific finishers. Unlike Brazil, Italy has intimidating defense.

Italy conceded ONLY one goal in the WCup and that was an OWN goal.

This is Italy’s 6th WC final and France’s second.

Italy’s coach Lippi may be a genius and France’s coach Domenech may pale in comparison, but the French veterans won’t even require a coach.

French star Zidane will face his old coach Lippi, who helped him hone his tactical skills in Juventus.

Zidane has already led his team win the WC in 1998. Thanks to the 34 yr old star, the team is back in the final, hoping to give Zidane his farewell present.

Do you want to see one of the greatest matchups in soccer of the 21st century?

The odds (mine) are in favor of Italy, but Zidane’s France has a habit of beating the odds!

So let’s see!!

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