kanne, came across this in office today. My friend came and asked me to translate some chinese words on the back of this pack of art project kinda stuff.


  • 彩色颜料和珍珠切勿入口
  • 干后若有珍珠脱落,补涂胶水,粘上彩珠
  • 作品完成后需平置桌面上自然阴干

literally, it should be translated this way

  • Do not put the beads (sand) into your mouth
  • If the sand and particles drop off when the glue is dry. Apply more glue and stick the sand on the surface again.
  • Dry the artwork on a flat surface in a cool and dry room.

But let’s see how the piece of info is translated by these cibailangs

here goes

haha cibai translation

Dry == Fuck ?