The Argue continues


Err… I think everybody is cleared that I just said he played but never said his career is boxing… understand the statement before accusing ppl n asking for data.. act like a professional before saying ppl not professional.. lousy boss oso boss at least is a boss.. so wat? Professional oso mah… at least the behaviour give u a feeling that he is a boss.. ok? Talk like an adult dun simply scold here n there n warn ppl… warning ppl is not making peace.. this is not an adult’s act, ok? Please … be professional… the manufacturing attitude even worse.. but?? We act professionally … talking in such a way but never warn ppl oso… coz WE ARE AN ADULT

Felicia Pee
Hrm…. Wondering who is who… anyway. End it here ok? Looks like 不对路 liao! Hitting the border liao!

All my fault, I’m the angry chicken keep bok bok bok there. U r the professional adult who tremendously right and have all the wisdom.

You 大人有大量, forgive this little rude unprofessional, emotional angry chicken who talk non-sense and crap all the time. Ok?

Wow~ lai pulak.. uncle in the bus.. now who find ga lo first?? U can ask to stop sending to ur mailbox if u really dun want .. behave like an adult dun simply ki siao like an angry chicken.. understand ar? Behave like an adult, act professionally, behave professionally.. understand? Dun just talk here n there then warn ppl .. this is not the way.. ok? Talk like uncle in the bus so wat? At least is an adult way of talking not angry chicken? Understand ar?

Felicia Pee
By the way, stop blast ur chui nua to my mail box if u want to talk bout football and dun want to take inpuy/view from some one who only watch football 4 years once. Else if I receive any conversation mail, I will assume u want me to talk something.

PS: the way you talk in last conversation is truly disgusting, makes me feel u like “uncle in the bus” from HK. Please behave, dun too over. Peace~

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