Cibai exposed at First World Hotel Genting Highlands

Wahahhahaha… an cua everybody??? How r u guys? Long time no c na~ Limpek is back again to bring some joy to u all today, even limpek’s simcheng (mood) not so good coz just back from Genting Highlands, coz limpek went there to pay annual roadtax to Uncle Lim. If u guys have forgotten about Uncle Lim, check this out Uncle Lim is Genting Highlands founder.

However, as mentioned just now, limpek promised to bring u guys some joy right? Here limpek show u all some pictures taken while limpek at First World Hotel Genting Highlands.

Hotel foyer of First World Hotel.

Another picture taken from

Of course limpek not only wanna show u the hotel foyer pictures, coz this is not cibailang’s act. Cibailang sure show u all keat-keat (powerful) pictures one. Let me show u all the photos taken in the hotel room.

Picture #1, sorry too closed, kinda blur… -______-”

Picture #2, i think this is better, clearer, πŸ™‚

Picture #3, closer + clearer, ssshhhhhh, dun forward these pictures to anybody ya~ this is privacy.. just to share with cibailang’s fans.

scroll down

do not stop scrolling

Oppsss.. i’d forgotten to bring my Gillette.. no wonder i pay roadtax this year. πŸ™

Wahhahaha…. gotcha!!! Do i? ^^ This picture taken when i got back.. see.. longer dy

*** Offensively + cibaily + mischievously + creatively created by TulanLing (wahhahahah)


  1. Brennan

    CHEEBYE! Next time, I show you my cleanly shaven cheebye!

  2. Anonymous

    send us pic of your cleanly shaven cibai lah πŸ™‚

    go hi5 or friendster find cibailang πŸ™‚ to contact us πŸ˜›

  3. AhYap

    Diu lor, your cibai grow on your head! Genetic mutated. Wahahaha. Can your dick touch your ‘cibai’?

    Tulanling, where are my 2 sets of facial wash that you promised 3 years ago?!?!

  4. Anonymous

    cibaiYap, there are few more sets in my room (penang). when u wanna come n take them? infact, did i pass to ur fren last time? i can’t remember..

    errr.. nobody said it’s cibai, right? dont believe wat u see, wat u see might not be true sometimes.. but sometimes wat u heard might be true even lotsa times u may think it just a myth or something.. ^^

  5. Forexman

    Hi. This is really interesting post. Thank You! I have just subscribed to Your rss!

    Best regards

  6. max

    ma cibai! really cibai wasting time! i tot is a real cibai pic grow on chin….

  7. jim lee

    Scary cibai.

  8. LauChiauThau

    Ehhh… eh cibai eh tau uu gia lai bua cibai bo? Hua na ca bo kong teng lang bo lau chiu chiu beh bua cibai, ee lang beh song laa….bo lu kua huan na ta po ka liau uu chiu chiu

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