Latest Fad on the Net – A4 Waist Challenge

So recently in China, there is this craze around who has the smallest waist line. And having over a billion people from China, this phenomenon exploded overnight.

A4 paper measures at (21cm x 29.7cm) and is the most commonly used paper for notebooks, and printers and general usage.  The hashtag is #A4Waist and #我有A4腰. Thousands of Weibo users swarmed and flooded with pictures displaying their body and some with rather funny images of the way they troll the trends with using different size of papers and placing the paper horizontally instead of vertically.

here are some of the images from the various weibo accounts. (Source : weibo)

The “ideal” body measurements for waist line in popular culture in Chinese world is 24 inches. So, there is really a cultural reference to the craze with waist and perfect waistline.


A4-Waist-Weibo a4waistzhangli a4waistzhangli2

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