Pranked photos

This girl’s pose got manipulated and changed and photoshopped by bloggers all over the world…

moral of the story, never take weird poses. You never know what would happen to the photo.

1429805415-1807974142_n 1429805442-4171640867 1429805454-419426622 1429805593-1157023920 1429805627-1731339394 1429805643-2529862065_n 1429805748-2921309035 466225 1429805151-1855398949_n 1429805162-3724164640_n 1429805172-3934404039 1429805180-2890754052_n 1429805190-3858717012 1429805199-1295612954_n 1429805208-3264721547 1429805217-3984827421_n 1429805229-2488112598 1429805237-14941797 1429805254-2183884886_n 1429805263-4238943531 1429805329-3538754626_n

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