How-to: Step by step guide to Update PTPTN 3% to 1%

Got a call from my mom bout 2-3 weeks ago that she got a news about updating PTPTN from 3% interest to 1%. For those whom doesn’t know about this, you can check whether your profile had been updated for such application at PTPTN 3 to 1
Isn’t it our profile already been updated? Errm.. Read the schedule thing at PTPTN website, the 1st batch.. YES, I M FIRST BATCH..!! the 1st batch that applied for such loan, is the latter one to be processed… PTPTN processed the one loan later than us. Crap.. Anyway, this is not the topic today
As mentioned, this is a step by step guide.. ya.. why?!! Continue reading, then you know why.
When I first visit the site, I was thinking if it’s a flaw or what? I saw 2 fields, NRIC & Email address.
ptptn 3-to-1
What if somebody knows somebody’s NRIC and simply enter the NRIC… will he be able to retrieve any info out of it? Let’s give it a try. I entered my NRIC and my email. BINGO! it says, an emel had been sent to my Gmail. So, I checked and got a link.
ptptn 3-to-1
Clicked the link as instructed (normally I don’t, I right clicked, copied the link, open a new tab, and paste the copied URL). It brought me to this page.
ptptn 3-to-1
Hmm… looks like PTPTN allows the anybody to do the update, coz this page is only to update the applicant details. You can enter anything, as long as it passed the form verification at the end (when you press YES to submit).

Anyway, here comes the STEP-BY-STEP, check the dropdown list out.
ptptn website poor English
If anybody of you doesn’t know what it means, it means this in Malay.
ptptn website poor English
Here’s the part for States (Negeri).
ptptn website poor English
In Malay.
ptptn website poor English
Hmm.. I lost one image for this one, in English version, it’s stated : “DO YOU ORPHANS:” .
ptptn website poor English

Hmm… looks like I had more or less “translated” what we as mahasiswa-mahasiswi that loaned from PTPTN that need to know when submitting our details to PTPTN website.

One more important tips for you guys when submitting the form. By default is English, if you want to see it in MALAY, you gotta submit once with an error (press yes @ bottom), and purposely made a mistake to your entries, e.g enter ‘(‘ bracket within the Company name, OR ABC within NRIC, then it will change to Malay.

Hope this helps.. Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Chai.

2 thoughts on “How-to: Step by step guide to Update PTPTN 3% to 1%

  1. I Like how they translate Perak as Silver.

    It’s either they forgot you shouldn’t translate names of places or …

    memang memalukan.

  2. It also reminds me about my friend’s lame teka-teki, which state is the state yang paling banyak which is a confusing teka-teki.. Negeri Sembilan jawapannya…

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