CIBAI Service Encountered in Ipoh

This is by far the most Lansai restaurant that ever exist in the world, or at least in Ipoh, Malaysia. At such a lovely city, one could never imagine that a restaurant as cibai as  “Koh Samui” ever exists. This restaurant offers “authentic” Thai food, however, it does not come with the Thai service standard. This shop failed miserably in every single aspect of delivering good service which is vital in the food industry.

There are a few reasons why this restaurant deserves to be crowned the most ‘Cibai restaurant in Ipoh award. For a start, the air in the restaurant smells like coconut milk, and after 3 hours in the restaurant (yes, 3 hours), you smell like a whole pack of coconut milk exposed to the air. And the question, why spend 3 hours? Half an hour for the waiter to come and ask you what to drink, another 10 minutes for the ding donging of the waiters who can’t speak Malay, English or cantonese/mandarin. The reason, they’re either Myanmarese or Bangladeshis. And even taking order can be so painful where the guy didn’t write down what we actually ordered. We only found out that when we couldn’t stand the speed of the service anymore towards the end of the dinner.

Luckily we’re a bunch of old friends who hasn’t met for quite some time and we happily chat for the time waiting for the food to arrive. We drank like 3 glasses of sugar cane, and other kinds of drinks before the first dish came. And the dishes were like so so small portion, in fact we ordered medium sized dishes and the food came were like for kids. Ah, fuxx off.  And when we talked to the waiter, he said “banyak orang”. We counted all the heads in the restaurant, there wasn’t more than 3 tables apart from us. We really couldn’t understand why the cooking was so so slow.

On one occasion when we ran out of drinks and were about to order more drinks, we asked for iced tea and one of the puzzled waiter actually said they ran out of ice. After a while, we had to settle for non iced drinks and drank coconut water instead. All of a sudden, we saw another waiter carrying ice cold drinks to other tables.  Well, what the hell was taht supposed to be? Transparent rocks? Fuxx.

Well, we didn’t want to let all the bad service affect our reunion and happily chatted throughout the rest of the evening and when we’re about to part, we experienced the most appalling thing about this restaurant which is the way the lady boss handle us. She was so fierce towards the customers (us). She has a face that chases customers away and slam the table after we complained about her restaurant’s service and her face turned very “cibai” looking. The four of us decided not to have a verbal argument with her and instead, publish the restaurant’s famous service on cibailang to let the world know how cibai this restaurant is.

With this, i present you the most cibai restaurant in Ipoh award, 



One thought on “CIBAI Service Encountered in Ipoh

  1. Good shot!~ I hate this kind of lousy service delivery in food industrty. I think you are doing right to publish out – otherwise they think they are “GOOD” in doing what they do!~ Anyway, I can’t stop laughing to read your post for the first time. Keep this up – I like your direct way of writing!~ Above all – the domain name is the most funniest one. I like that! 🙂 Have great days!

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