A trip to Shanghai Barbie Store

The world’s largest Barbie store is located at Shanghai 上海.

I was at Shanghai last week, spending a weekend there and happened to pay a visit to the world’s largest Barbie concept store. It’s a pink affair. Really Pink.


At the entrance, you’d see this huge Barbie mannequin welcoming u. They are all so beautiful and so ‘Barbie’ like.


Inside Barbie store, there are multiple barbie dolls with different themes on display. I’ll try to lead u thru one by one. Before entering first floor, the escalator to the first floor is a PINK tunnel. The PINK tunnel will lead u to a different world, a world of perfection. Beautiful display of Barbie dolls, souvenirs, costume design classes, make your own Barbie customization classes, make your own princess calendars, mugs, limited edition barbie displays, the list is long, so i’m just gonna show u some. I’ll put up the rest in my gallery later.


the pink tunnel… leading u to a different world. First you will see all the exquisite barbies on display. Yes, they wear pink, it’s PINK PINK PINK. Too bad CBL is not a girly blog, but heck it, even CBL loves cute stuff and beautiful things, and Barbie is definitely a great place to start to appreciate PINK and CUTEness.


Over here, you can get a Barbie cup, mug diary, stationery, all sorts of stuff.


There will be pretty girls like this to see when u r in Barbie store Shanghai.


Elvis and priscilla barbie.


MAC Barbie (the makeup label)


juicy couture barbie


hello kitty shirt ~ see it?


kate spade


This post will be continued with more pictures.

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