2008 Trojan Sexual Health Report Card


Pigs are men? Men are pigs? No… Men who don’t use condoms are pigs. at least according to this commercial.

pig as human

pig as human

pig as human

There was a research conducted by a condom company in the US where they come up with an annual ranking of the sexually healthiest school in the US.

Below are the results of the survery.

top 10 most sexually healthy schools

01         Stanford University
02         Columbia University
03         Cornell University
04         University of Iowa
05         University of Denver
06         University of Connecticut
07        West Virginia University
08        University of South Carolina-Columbia
09        University of Georgia
10         University of Wyoming

well, seems like the ive league kids are the most sexually healthy lot. Well, they’ve certainly got more grey matter than the rest!

and now for the bottom 10 least sexually healthy schools

130 Marquette University
131 Utah Valley State College
132 Brigham Young University
133 University of Toledo
134 Baylor University
135 Louisiana Tech University
136 University of Notre Dame
137 Providence College
138 St. John’s University-New York
139 DePaul University

sounds familiar? nah, not to me..

America is not a sexually healthy nation.

America’s rates of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) rank among the worst of all industrialized nations. Each year, 19 million new STIs are diagnosed and three million unplanned pregnancies occur. Nearly 34 percent of teen girls will be pregnant at least once before age 20 and yet over one billion acts of sex between singles still go unprotected.

now for the full list of schools

01 Stanford University
02 Columbia University
03 Cornell University
04 University of Iowa
05 University of Denver
06 University of Connecticut
07 West Virginia University
08 University of South Carolina-Columbia
09 University of Georgia
10 University of Wyoming
11 University of Oregon
12 Louisiana State University A&M
13 University of Michigan
14 Pennsylvania State University
15 Oregon State University
16 The University of Texas At Austin
17 Brown University
18 Florida Atlantic University-Boca Raton
19 Syracuse University
20 Duke University
21 University of Pennsylvania
22 Indiana University-Bloomington
23 University of Minnesota
24 Mississippi State University
25 Harvard University
26 University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
27 University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
28 Ohio State University
29 Princeton University
30 North Carolina State University
31 Ball State University
32 Rutgers University
33 Bowling Green State University
34 Tulane University of Louisiana
35 University of Wisconsin-Madison
36 Michigan State University
37 University of Nebraska
38 Western Michigan University
39 University of Arizona
40 University of Southern California
41 Yale University
42 University of Colorado-Boulder
43 Georgia Institute of Technology
44 University of Miami
45 Western Kentucky University
46 Colorado State University
47 University of Florida
48 University of Kansas
49 The University of Alabama
50 Northern Illinois University
51 University of California-Berkeley
52 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
53 University of Virginia
54 Purdue University
55 University of Kentucky
56 University of Central Florida
57 University of North Texas
58 Washington State University
59 University at Buffalo
60 Kent State University
61 Ohio University
62 Eastern Michigan University
63 University of Maryland
64 University of Missouri
65 Rice University
66 University of South Florida
67 Oklahoma State University
68 Dartmouth College
69 University of Southern Mississippi
70 Wake Forest University
71 San Jose State University
72 University of Arkansas
73 University of Pittsburgh
74 University of Washington
75 Florida International University
76 University of New Mexico
77 University of Nevada-Las Vegas
78 East Carolina University
79 Texas A&M University
80 Vanderbilt University
81 Central Michigan University
82 University of Tulsa
83 California State University-Fresno
84 Kansas State University
85 University of Akron
86 The University of Tennessee
87 University of Memphis
88 Florida State University
89 The University of Texas At El Paso
90 Northwestern University
91 Southern Methodist University
92 University of Oklahoma
93 The University of Texas
94 University of Houston
95 Miami University-Oxford
96 Iowa State University
97 Utah State University
98 Middle Tennessee State University
99 University of Louisville
100 University of Arkansas At Little Rock
101 Clemson University
102 Boise State University
103 University of Louisiana At Lafayette
104 University of Utah
105 San Diego State University
106 Texas Christian University
107 University of South Alabama
108 University of Mississippi
109 University of Louisiana At Monroe
110 U.S. Air Force Academy
111 University of Hawaii
112 Savannah State University
113 University of Idaho
114 Villanova University
115 Auburn University
116 Troy State University
117 University of California-Los Angeles
118 University of New Orleans
119 Arizona State University
120 Chicago State University
121 New Mexico State University
122 Seton Hall University
123 Texas Tech University
124 Georgetown University
125 Arkansas State University
126 Indiana University-Purdue University
127 Boston College
128 Marshall University
129 University of Cincinnati
130 Marquette University
131 Utah Valley State College
132 Brigham Young University
133 University of Toledo
134 Baylor University
135 Louisiana Tech University
136 University of Notre Dame
137 Providence College
138 St. John’s University-New York
139 DePaul University


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