Online crooks hit web founder

You might not believe this, but it’s real, the father of Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee fell for a scam on the net. ^__^

The creator of the World Wide Web has disclosed how he fell victim to online fraudsters who set up a bogus store on the Internet.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who dreamt up the web 20 years ago, said he bought a Christmas present from an online shop. It was only when the present failed to arrive he realized he had been conned.

Berners-Lee is one of an increasing number of victims of online crime. About one in four Internet users in Britain has fallen victim to online phishing scams, which attempt to steal people’s financial details. One in six has fallen victim to other types of online fraud.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Berners-Lee called on authorities to dedicate as much effort to fighting cybercrime as they did to conventional crime.

Berners-Lee also said new steps were needed to protect Internet users from malicious software viruses that circulated over the Internet.

well guys, do treat every single purchase on the net with caution, well, so far my online encounters have been quite pleasant, happy to say. But always keep in mind checking out the authenticity of things you buy and the matters of security and privacy. Even a person like the granddaddy of Internet can be conned, so why not u??

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