Shangri-la Flash Your Age Birthday Promo – Singapore

Shangrila hotel

Wonder what this thing is all about? What are all these people doing?

Here’s a new promo from the Shang. for all their restaurants… On the day of your birthday, if you’re 15 years old, you’ll get 15% off; if you’re 50, you’ll get 50% off… and so on… the older the better, obviously! For a max of 8 persons per table

Prior reservation required

Its recession but that’s ok! 🙂

Guys, bring your parents and boost the economy.  🙂

Only in Singapore

In case u r looking for the phone to call, see below


5 thoughts on “Shangri-la Flash Your Age Birthday Promo – Singapore

  1. its just a silly publicity stint. stinkingly despicable, you call them and they saw no more allocation…might as well not do it if they are doing it for only 1 table or so, and they even ask for the age of the birthday person, maybe just so that they can reject the older ones (more discount required!)

  2. Yap, tried to book for dinner @ the Line on 11 Jun 09 this morning at 8.45 am and was told that it’s fully allocated. The bookings started at 8.30 am! when asked about how many allocations a day for buffet dinner, the staff replied it’s private and confidential. So it’s jus gimmicks.

  3. Hi
    Just like to check if my mom can enjoy this promotion – there is no birthdate on her NRIC. Her birthday is written as 1933. Her siblings and she remembers her birthday is 29th day of the 8th Lunar month.
    Your prompt reply will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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