Chimp = Obama ?? What bout Pigs and Snakes???


The cartoon, created by Sean Delonas and printed in Wednesday’s New York Post, shows police shooting a chimp dead, then saying: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

Chimp Attack Connection

The image is presumably related to an incident in Stamford, Connecticut on Monday in which a chimpanzee escaped a woman’s home and attacked her friend. Officers ended up shooting and killing the animal.

In the states when someone made a comment with racist remarks, he’d be sure to be condemned in public. Not in a place called Malaysia where people still connect peoples of different ethnicities with animals.

everyone knows Chinese are being referred as pigs by Malays, and vice versa, Chinese term Malays as pigs too. So why associate each other with this animal? Can’t we be all more civilized and not resort to labeling people with animals  based on one’s faith or food that one eats???? Not to forget, people term Indians as snakes, which again, i feel really appalled by such remarks.

Things like this, labeling people of different ethnicities is so so yesteryear, a thing of the past.  In today’s world, where we celebrate cultural diversity (not just lip servicing), tolerance, harmonious living with one another, we can all make the place we live a better one by starting from your own : stop labeling, stop associating an individual or a group of individuals who apparently has the same skin colour with a certain animal.

Sometimes you surely can associate an individual based on his or her attitude with a certain animal, for e.g. you can label one and says that he or she is as hardworking as a horse, or a dumb ass. But that’s the limit as far as it goes.

To achieve a country that is really united takes more than just reading off a few pages on the text book. Or attending a few ‘open-housese’. It takes action like connecting with people around you, befriending them and one important thing : do not label/associate an ethnicity with animal.

Signing off here.

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