hmm hmm hmmm ~ show me some kindness.. please

old-man-standing in mrt

Photo courtesy of lcw

So this is what one might see in the MRT, well, this is not an unusual sight in the Singapore MRT.  A society filled with quite a number of cibai people.  In this case, which u can see 1.

ok, now something totally off topic.

Well, on a different occasion, kengchau and tulanling were disgusted by an “Inconsiderate grumpy old man” on Tuesday morning where the old man spread the newspaper and kept on Banging Tulan’s head with a copy of the news paper. The “inconsiderate grumpy old man” tried to read newspaper in a “sardined” pack train cabin.  None could have had the luxury of reading newspaper in such condition, but the Inconsiderate grumpy old man just did what he liked, banged Tulanling’s head with the newspaper, and even reading out loud the news articles.

Tulanling and i later discussed the topic and we agreed that the old man was generally trying to get attention. Probably he has got nothing better to do than to let people know of his existence. Probably he is ignored in his life and he needs some kind of attention, therefore, the grumpy old man who is inconsiderate kept on banging tulanling’s head. Well, just hope we all don’t end up in such fashion and being cursed by people in future. Hope i’ll not be a grumpy old man and stay cool 🙂

In other words, to the Inconsiderate grumpy old man~ get a life.!

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