Something you might not know about Kamen Raida Black

Yo~ everybody…. something to share with ya guys about Kamen Rider.. (since we have a category called Baja Hitam, kekekeke)

Just watch this tube.. then you will know


YEAH! He is the singer for his own Baja Hitam series. I also don’t know about that. More tubes about our Kotaro Minami [youtube]_uoMnrCHPn0[/youtube]
Some images + a nice song! + I have this song anyway~ lalala.. ya know.. I like Japanese cartoons too 🙂 [youtube]ceLx-Ixklng[/youtube] Interview with Baja Hitam – Tetsuo Kurata : he is already old and is currently a steakhouse restaurant owner : info from youtube Enjoy~ Tschuss!

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