Cibailangs at my workplace

yo~ long time no see and Guten Tag to all cibailang readers.. Oh, Guten Tag means Good Day in German.

yeah, lookin’ at the title, today Limpek is gonna write something about cibailangs I dun like personally at my workplace. This isn’t a complaint but just to share witya about these two cibailangs attitude.

Of course, Limpek also another cibailang in the company.. I think to some people, I am a cibailang, but these two people are cibailangs in my eyes.

Cibailang#1 :
Name: Sigi
Location: Germany
Responsibility: my counterpart from Germany
Why is he a cibailang: i) always find ways to attack me in email (harmless attack but he still want to initiate it anyway),
ii) always find excuses to delay his work
Am I a cibailang for him: YES, i guess as I teased him once for not knowing how to do a simple FTP to Singapore server by indirectly saying him a spoonfeed guy. And compared him with other counterparts as well that made him dislike me from the beginning.. hehe.. my bad! That’s why until today he always find excuse to delay querries from me (yeah, I need his help in my daily job. I don’t care who this fella is… he is lousy to me anyway)

Cibailang#2 :
Name: Maddog Chow
Location: Singapore
Responsibility: Somebody in my company that can really BARK(I don’t care who this fella is.. I am not reporting to him)
Why is he a cibailang: i) I don’t know.. I just don’t like to see the way he speaks, he talks, he walks.. if this place is Malaysia, I could have beaten him up..(yeah, call me ahBeng, that’s what some ppl calling me in the company),
ii) this guy is just a maddog that don’t know anything but OUTPUT, he just wants output, OUTPUT means his achievement, that’s all! Regardless who you are, he will just BARK but normally his words are pointless, you just live with it.. Anyway that’s corporate world, that’s how these ppl survive and yet still climbing, of course I am one of the survivors but at least I know what I talk, I filter everytime I talk, I think before I talk, I don’t make stupid request, I know what can be done and what couldn’t be done, and of course that’s the reason I couldn’t climb
Am I a cibailang to him: NO, I don’t think so. I don’t think there is any cibailang in his eyes (maybe that’s why he is somebody in the company, maybe I shouldn’t have any cibailang in my eyes).. coz he has don’t care attitude.. and so am I, I also DON’T CARE.. I just do whatever I need to do to get my this YEAR-END bonus only. I know this year we will get more if my project succeeded (yeah, it’s already succeeded, what we need to do is just to maintain and to reduce cost, so I don’t mind work for longer hours, that’s me.. I am a cibailang too, I don’t care).



… That’s what I always say in the company..

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