why visiting a museum is interesting

today cibailang kengchau and tulanling, now called misailing went to the singapore national museum coz today is the last day of the greek exhibition. at the main door, there was an artwork by an indonesian who graduated from ITB, some sort of the NTU of Indonesia.

the first thing that we saw was a replica of David of Michaelangelo. One of the greatest artist during Renaissance. The artwork creatively dressed up David with a HUGE piece of “Batik Cloth” of flower motive.

Let’s look at the original David by michaelangelo.

david by michaelangleo

now let’s look at the david replica created by the indonesian artist.
david in batik

after looking at this piece of art, i know today i’m off for something really interesting, and it turned out to be a fascinating afternoon filled with greek mythology and stories. The narration by the guide in Chinese who linked up with some Chinese God names was very creative and it helped to strike a chord, a resemblance between both ancient cultures.

well, a typical cibailang post will never end without something cibailang-like. So we present u with our mischievous act of the day.

a replica of david - michaelangelo

So start visiting your local museums more, they’re definitely worth the visit! Learn more bout your culture, foreign cultures, the world culture, as what the book The World Is Flat has mentioned, this is the age of globalization, and learning bout a foreign culture does help one in understanding more about how the world changes and evolves, you’ll learn about political systems, origin of some brand names, different school of thinking, you’ll learn about origin of sporting events, homosexuality, slavery and its implications. And not to forget, you’ll understand some movies better too!

I first read bout the Greeks when i was in a Chinese primary school, and only after 20 years or so i’m exposed to the things that i’ve read then. How good if I have the chance of visiting museums when I was at that age. But the future is bright for everyone, as the Internet has changed all these, again, quoting The World Is Flat, Internet has flatten the playing ground, you’ll get equal chances to access the information!

And looking at the political tsunami in Malaysia, Internet has really change a lot a lot of things!

How come I ended a museum visiting post with Internet ?
I think coz I’m just way too nerdy. 😛

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