Cibailang Report Card … after a year and also our longest post

visitors came in to cibailang, searching a total of 146 keywords containing the word cibai

cibai keyword analytics on google

To see the picture in full

well, on average, there are 11 to 12 cibai seekers who would go to the internet to search for cibai resources, but most likely, they will end up coming here and I really don’t know if they feel disappointed or they feel very happy with their search result.

Here is the list of keywords that people searched in with the word cibai. So far we have only 2 who searched in using the singapore equivalent of cibai, which is the word CheeBye.

See the list, spare some thought, i am the author of cibailang….. but i think i disappointed these cibai seekers…

So you know why Google is so powerful?

They keep statistic of what you have searched, and imagine the word sex, fuck or whatever, they are indeed the most powerful superpower ever created in mankind, they employ the smartest brains and they can predict when the human population is horny. Well, getting 10 new horny persons a day that understand the word cibai, for a period of 1 year constantly is like 365 x 10 which is 3650, and growing. Well, the purpose of this post is just to let u guys know what people have been using or misusing their Internet and search engine, and cibailang, whether u like it or not, is exposing this statistic today.

Here goes the list

lancau cibai
cibai lang
cibai malaysia
cibai blog
cibai wikipedia
cibai picture
what is cibai
girl cibai
cibai streamyx
cibai kia
cibai pictures
cibai story
cibai games
cibai chinese
cibai world
cibai translation
malaysia cibai
fuck cibai
wikipedia cibai
fucking cibai
chow cibai
cibai girl
cibai lah
cibai malaysia ada
cibai la
chao cibai
cibailang poem
dua cibai
cibai hokkien
picture of cibai
sexy girl cibai
cibai naked girl
mai cibai
lanciao vs cibai
king cibai””
cibai gf
ma cibai
wilson cibai lang
xxx her cibai
streamyx cibai slow!
cibai man
cibai bangla
cibai pic
meaning cibai
cibai gal
jilat cibai
cibai india mother fucker
cibai besar
cibailang sejarah test
singapore fucking cibai
use of cibai
how to make cibai
cibai dictionary
cibai; free pictures
main cibai
free google cibai
cibai people
cute cibai
cibai cunt
lanjiao cibai
kan cibai blogs
cibai sex game
me want fuck sexy cibai
cibai lan
translation of cibai
alex cibai
video cibai
bo cibai
cibai fuck
how to prevent cibai lang
can i fuck ur cibai?
cibai lang]
www.cibailang .com
cibai song
cibai kenny sia
normal cibai
cibai photo
lim cibai
lao cibai
i wan cibai
fuck you cibai
sex cibai
dont cibai
jb cibai
cibai malaysia haha
www.cibai .com
cibai cibai cibai cibai
talk cibai
cibai character china
photo cibai
cibai mandarin
meaning of the word “”cibai””
cibai kanasai
www. cibai .com my.
cibailang sejarah
cibai leaf
cibai meat
cibai keong
malay cibai
stupid cibai
cibai phone
cibai malay
cibai song hokkien
cibailang hacks
google cibai
cibai for sell
www.cibai com my
indian cibai
cibai u need
cibai pics
cibai show
chines cibai
cibai fucker
cibai translate
cibai in malaysia
chinese cibai
cibai online
cibai sex
www. cibailang. com
cibai online game
cibailang sejarah exam
cibai onilne
cibai game
cibai malay translation

piak piak piak

piak piak piak

another post which we are only mischievious and tried to post a pic like this, with minimal text and wordings have made us a popular site for the word pee, well this time, this post have made some angmohs or gwailou or who ever, again, disappointed ,for what they see is meant to be a joke, and nothing but a joke.

see the pic,

girl pee in public

and see the way people search their way into my page using the keyword ‘Pee’

well, again, you will know how many ‘Hentai”Bian Tai’ people are there out there.

There are lots and lots of other keywords, but it has gone too long for a post on cibailang….


those who came in using the keyword pee.

public pee or urine
pee in public
girl pee
public pee
pee girl
girl pee in public
girl pee””
pee public
girl pee public
real pee
girls pee
girl pees in public
public pee girl
pee public girl
girl’s pee
male pee public
pee world
how to pee in public
pee in clothes in public
girl pee world
little girl pee
live monkey pee
how a girl pee
pee in public girl
pee on public
girl pee”” in public
girl pee seaside
public girl pee
world pictures child girls pee
pee in public””
pee sightings
li mon lim pee
piss in public”” or “”pee in public”” or “”pissing in public””
girl public pee
world pee
girl pee sightings
cute pee girl
real femal pee in public
pee in puplic
girl real pee
meisje speelt met borsten
speelplicht balkenende
pee gal
speelplicht vanaf 3 jaar
girl pees
hostel “”pee in public””
pee girl in public



if u look carefully

how to pee in public
pee in clothes in public

do people really want to know how to pee in public?????????



3 thoughts on “Cibailang Report Card … after a year and also our longest post

  1. yes, and counting….

    u just don’t know how crazy the way one can search when their smaller brain is more dominant than the bigger one.

    …. kekekkeke

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