Througout Human History : Part 1

Human Evolution 1

I’ve been reading on something related on human evolution recently and found this on the net, and feel that this is a really fascinating piece of work describing sex, power and our fore fathers. Humans today are very much the same after thousands of years, aren’t we? Humans are anyhow made up of only 4 letters, A,C,G and T ? So much for human evolution….

Human Evolution 2

Reproduction, power, sex,

Human Evolution 3
more sex, more power, more sex

Human Evolution 4
defeating enemies for land and power and women

Human Evolution 5
ethnic cleansing for stamping authority on a certain civilization

Human Evolution 6

so in the end, everything revolves around sex, power and reproduction….and of course $$$

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2 thoughts on “Througout Human History : Part 1

  1. This is stealing in broad daylight, as what you might want to imply. Yes, this is not original. Yes, this is from public domain, and i’m putting watermark, to protect my own interest — Bandwidth Stealing (i’m sure u know what’s that).

    Ppl use pictures i put on my site to post on forums and their blogs and sometimes it takes a toll on my bandwidth. So, instead of letting them get a freeride, i put my watermark on it.

    Thanks for commenting anyway, if you think plagiarism has no place in today’s society…. think twice.

    Claiming credits for other’s work happens often and it happens everyday. I know you feel pretty sucky over pics on my blog are other’s work, well probably your work had been plagiarised before, right ?

    Tell u something, I’ve got a whole site plagiarised before. A complete set of files, artwork, text,… in Malay, it’s called bulat bulat (cloning) what so fucking ever, and that site is a for-profit page. 🙄

  2. At least kengchau put the VIEW ORIGINAL at the end of his post, why would he does so? think again.. he can just keep quiet without putting the original link, right?

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