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This conversation migh not be related to the picture above…

Princesa L’Jiao: i’m a very mean, petty and bitchy person
Cibai Jack : I always welcome mean petty and bitchy ppl.
Princesa L’Jiao: Were you the one with that pussy cake blog earlier?
Cibai Jack : Yes, I am the one. Not FeiKei
Princesa L’Jiao: cibai jack : careful careful, you are like caribbean terrorists or something?
Cibai Jack: I am not a terrorist, I am even worse than that!!! I am a pirate …

Princesa L’Jiao, I hope u r reading this 🙄 … plz.. i got ur dai sam (bra) dy.. plz.. dun force me …Ngek ngek ngek…

Princesa L’Jiao : i’ll forgive but not forget this one

….. the saga continues…..

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