what is hentai dubbing?

Hentai is ‘Bian Tai’ in chinese, a perverted in English, is one of Japanese culture’s main export and most important contribution to the AV and Anime world. I remember I have a housemate who has a tonne of hentai pics and gallery and man, it all revolves along this scene.

1) the character(often female) is tied using rope
2) the character tied by leather belts
3) usage of items like candles, belts, paper, toile roll, spatula, scissors, all that you can think of.
4) victim (often female) will be tortured by the executioner (male) by dripping candle wax on the female
5) victim will be whipped by the executioner
6) often victim will look in 2 ways, either they look very satisfied or they look very terrified
7) often the executioner will be wearing a mask
8) victim will not be wearing anything but tied with leather

the list goes on, what i am trying to tell u today is this

there’s a thing called hentai dubbing in the world

what do u do in a hentai dubbing session?

well, one thing for sure is

a) you will be watching a hentai show/anime in a room filled with hentai lovers
b) the hentai show will be screened minus the volume (u won’t hear any sound)
c) the room can be dark (to be discreet)
d) then you can use your imagination to do the oohs and ahhs while the show is on
e) for instance, the character is tied using rope, then u might do this, ai ya, tie it harder, firmer…. the imagination is all yours.
f) normally cartoons can have exaggerated scenes, so when this happens, you can use all the vocab you learned in your entire life to create those special effects.
g) Everyone can make sounds, so expect a sheer amount of ‘bian tai’ laughter cracked here and there during the session.
h) experience the laughter from fellow ‘hamsup’ and ‘bian tai’ or rather ‘pin tai’ people who share the common wavelength. Price to enter, prollie the convention price. The experience; for hentai lovers; PRICELESS!

this activity seems to be very popular at gaming and anime conventions abroad. happen to see this while researching on some gaming convention. well, do u think this kinda activity will make it to the mainstream in Asia? Not in Malaysia for sure (Islamic country), Singapore probably during the annual sex-related convention or show, well, this could be a new party idea for you guys out there?
Any takers?

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