Phone Argument in Singapore

a bangla prank calls a singapore ahbeng hu calls bak n have an argument wif him
already well nown thru da net
ahbeng:eh u fucking cibai hu cal dis no.91403054
bangla:i nv cal u leh
ahbeng:u fuck a 2day cal how many time about six time u noe
bangla:now ah?
ahbeng:ah now then when ur father call ah?
bangla:alrite i c… i wanna check…
ahbeng:i fuck u, u stay where u stay where u tell me u stay where u working where?
bangla:then u c 4 wat fuck lah u kaninabo cibai bastard
both:okok u stay where u tell me u stay where i hamtam u ah cibai chinese bastard.ur mother cibai u father lanjiao u fucking no life ah …
ahbeng:i now call police
bangla:plz w8 w8
ahbeng:i now catch ur no. i call police i wanna call ur foremaid
bangla:wat card da card i by 4 myself use finish
ahbeng:wat card i fuck ur father ask me by card ah?
ahbeng:no no no no no i wanna report ah u fucking i make sure u come don come singapore anymore as if u another fucking bangla
ahbeng:you another cibai indian mother fucker
bangla:i tell u already i wanna cancel da no.
ahbeng:then y u scold me, y u scold me, cancel wat, cancel ur father ah? u scold me…
bangla:coz i said i change
ahbeng:ai fuck u lah now where u stay
bangla:u where stay u tell me i come! u where stay u tell me i come!
ahbeng:u sure? u come punggol now
ahbeng:now ah u come punggol
bangla:punggol ah pungoll where?
ahbeng:punggol!blk 107 now, now u come
bangla:dat new blk ah?
ahbeng:fuck u lah ask ur father all come lah
ahbeng: ur mother cibai u
bangla:i one man enough u don tok so much.. i one man, 30 person 5person 10 person don care
ahbeng: u come 10 20 man i oso not scared la
bangla:then i tell u i vary srry already u wanna fuck me ppl 4 wat u tell me
ahbeng:of cos wat u cal me i fuck u lah wat
bangla:u tell me er…instead of the fucking fucking cibai 4 wat dis u cannot tell ppl like dat tok nicely to ppl let ppl understand
ahbeng:fuck u lah tok nicely u cal me 6 time i tok 2 u nicely
bangla:dis no. last time use a my frend, wat i dunno dat he wanna go back aleady
ahbeng: i tok 2 ur frend lah, i don care if is ur frend ur father or ur mother use i oso don care, as long as u don call dis no. y u call 6 time.
bangla:okok i wanna..
ahbeng:u find prostitute ah? u think prostitute is dis no. ur frend girl ah?
bangla:no la no la…
ahbeng:ah then y u cal cal cal cal cal ah?
bangla:no la no la…
ahbeng:u fauking cibai bangla:
bangla:i noe i noe i c i wanna cancel dis no. now
ahbeng:u fucking make sure u cancel ah… one more time i c ah… i make sure i kill u ah u hol family all die ah i gangster ah
bangla:don worry i never i keep to i self i nv lie on this 1 ok
ahbeng:make sure ah
bangla:i keep the… i keep the sing dollar i promise 1 card
ahbeng:ok u fucking make sure u don call ah ok i c ah…1 more time u call ah…
bangla:ok today i wanna cancel dis no.
ahbeng: then u must say sorry to me now!
bangla:ok i tell u already i keep saying i sorry ok
ahbeng:i don wan tok so much i wan u say sorry can already
bangla:ok sorry i wanna cancel da no. now
ahbeng: ah say very very sorry
bangla:ok ok srry srry srry
ahbeng:ok ok
bangla:ok ok ok ok ok…


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