extreme sports for cibailang

it’s every man’s wish to participate in extreme sports and cibailang also sure like to play everything rough lahh!

one extreme sport cibailang always dream of trying is skiing, i got one fren who told me last time when he was in switz, he short of money to rent the equipments for skiing, so he improvise a bit larh. he didn’t ski in the end, but he found some carton boxes and tore them apart, then he rest his body on the thick layer of carton box, go to the peak of the mountain and let gravity pull him down, so in the end, he had a thrilling moment while going down hill using carton box. it sounds crazy, but that friend of mine is really crazy….

same like cibailang lah, cibailang also a bit siao siao one.

but today, we want to talk about skiing, so cibailang also found u a pic how to ski and enjoy skiing as a man.

scroll down please

scroll some more

ok here

skiing is fun!!!

cibailang’s dream is to play this extreme sport at a mountain with two peaks, twin peaks


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