My Birthday at Hooters with Hooter Babes

A few days back was my birthday, it was also my last day at work. Coincidence eh? My superb ex-colleagues took me out for a birthday dinner at Hooters.

as the birthday boy, i got dressed up like a girl, put on the wig with two pig tails and wear an apron with bikini motif. the hooters babes gathered and sang the birthday song to me, together with my friends. It was a happy happy moment in an eventful day. The Hooters gave me a present at the end of the day, it was a Calendar (Year 2007), well, it’s still April, first half of the year, so getting a calendar isn’t that bad after all…. What’s so so NICE about the calendar was the fact that it’s autographed by the Hooter Babes themselves.

Let me show u some of the autographed calendar pages..

Irene Hooters Taiwan

Irene is really HOT!!!, but not autograph, Coz she’s in Taiwan

Valerie Hooters Singapore

Happy Bird-day, cuckoo…cuckooo….

sugar hooters singapore

Breast Wishes, GOD Breast ME!!!

Janice Hooters Singapore

Sure dear, I’ll bring u to Paris !! Je t’aime !

3 thoughts on “My Birthday at Hooters with Hooter Babes

  1. thank you berry much, mucho gracias!
    i am berry happy, it’s the breast day of my life. Breast of Luck to you KooL.

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