Vivian Chow’s Cibai Cat

Yesterday I went to at CT Square JB after a movie with a friend and found this book, damn funny, written by Vivian Chow – Bengal Cat.

As you all can see, the title is 我的貓兒子 周慧豹 -周围炮- if you pronounce in Cantonese: means everywhere or TuaKong everywhere. I think Vivian also very bo liao -无聊- until she wrote this book to entertain some of her bo liao fans. Let’s see what’s inside.

Vivian Chow with her cibai Bengal Cat 周慧豹 aka 周围炮

She is so eng -有空-, wear her cat a torn shirt.. 懒有型..

This cat looks very lansi and kapsiao.. but I like coz I also like to play with cats ^^

Woo~.. somemore kissing with her son

Words from Vivian Chow – so nice to the cat huh?!
No wonder Leo Ku has this chorus in his 爱与城: 别再做情人做只猫做只狗不做情人

in english : i don’t wanna be your lover. it’s better to be your cat or dog, rather than becoming your lover; i’d get care and love from you if I’m your pet…

4 thoughts on “Vivian Chow’s Cibai Cat

  1. i love this…i mean it’s so funny..but this is wat happened when HK and taiwan stars are looking for more chance to earn money…they said her bf bankrupt, tat’s why she appear again…good lah..she is my idol last time…still like her a lot..

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