Exposed ::: Kawaii Wearing Panties in PUBLIC

pretty girl wearing panties in public exposed

WAHLANNNNnnn… sipet sui!!! Cin Sui Nehhhh!!! Wah Piang!!!!
Whistle Blowing !!! Fiewuoo Feeet …

The legs sure look yummy….and the panties is PINK !!!!!!


  1. Anonymous

    everything is perfect! but cant c da face ler.. btw is she waiting 4 da bus or cab? sure no need 2 tahan 1. da bus or cab will slow down 4 sure!

  2. Anonymous

    i’m sure the bus or cab driver will also emergency break..

    then cause massive jam coz accident will happen.

  3. lanciao

    kao lat

  4. TingTitLei

    the camera wrong angle la hum ga ling

  5. Anonymous

    hum ga ling, can u write that definition on the dictionary?

  6. lanciao

    kanneh, where u shoot this photo?

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