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C.J. Cregg: Firstly: you happen to be incorrect. Secondly: shut up. Third: I decided to go to Hoynes with your procedure in which he told you the guy wasn’t the person who spoke to you personally and i faith him and you can they are most pissed during the me personally and you will they are best. And you can 4th:

Russian Negotiator Nikolai Ivaerican chairman likely away from a car or truck instance due to the fact within a boat club during analysis all of our frontrunner appears particularly.

Broker Simon Donovan: A crowded space in which anyone can rating credentialed and you’re up at podium? Zero, I’m convinced I am going to be around.

Agent Simon Donovan: [to C.J. in the this lady safeguards] By-the-way, I can not make sure anything, except to declare that while you are dry, it’s likely that I am too.

President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: You’re getting secret service protection, but I can not buy it if you don’t signal this bit of paper; thus signal this piece of paper.

Chairman Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: [C.J. continues to target to Secret service coverage, and President Bartlet disrupts] I do not care and attention. I do not worry. You may be part of my loved ones and that topic is occurring and you will I simply would not enable it. Sign brand new piece of paper. Let me make it clear anything: The final date a member of my personal group got a demise hazard, it skipped him and you will strike me personally.

Leo McGarry: I am sorry, but may we actually justify investing $800,000 towards “A great Bioculutural Method to Ladies Sexual Dream and you will Genital Arousal”?

Toby Ziegler: Yeah, however, I believe just what they are inquiring – Hit ten – I believe exactly what he is site de rencontres zen inquiring ‘s the reason, on most almost every other evening, do you really believe the new earth’s probably heck in a good hula hoop, but this evening.

Zoey Bartlet: It has been few years from the White Household, another as the girl regarding an applicant. Eight many years due to the fact Governor. My grades rating written in the fresh report. My personal boyfriends have been in the newest report. I live and you will perish with my parents’ success and failures.

President Josiah Bartlet: Ok. So it name you will arranged that have Chigorin – it’s, instance, to possess a light Home bloopers reel or something?

Toby Ziegler: And also you reached ask yourself, in the event that nobody online wants a bit of this, how from the prepare have you strayed?

Joe Quincy: You are sure that, We though I heard just what seemed such as for instance gunshots once we had been talking in advance of, however, I did not. [pauses] Did you tune in to brand new photos?

So how ’bout it – I can never state things on the my opponents, otherwise one thing throughout the something – in place of claiming they me personally, right into the digital camera

Josh Lyman: No, however, We heard a metal quintet to tackle “The initial Noel,” therefore i merely presumed somebody somewhere try secured and you may stacked.

Joe Quincy: You understand, not having nothing, although some body We talk to don’t think you to tale, in addition to some body you’d like you should never care and attention.

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: [just after altering Toby’s speech as opposed to telling your] I turned to along side it at one-point, you understand, I half of likely to see you future at the myself with a great salad hand.

Leo McGarry: There are 2 something worldwide you do not need to let people observe how you make ’em – legislation and you will sausages.

Member Matthew Santos: A beneficial Evening. I am powering to own Chairman. While you do not understand whom I am, We would not be amazed. I’ve been shut-out out of the next day night’s discussion to possess indicating you to it actually *be* a topic, and this is the only real post I can afford. I experienced in this adjust a reduced school system; to fix entitlements, ’cause they’re going bankrupt; to enhance health coverage, ’cause it is going to spend less if the fewer somebody show up into the emergency rooms. What I have found is the fact Presidential tips commonly about these products. These include regarding the clawing your opponent’s attention out, as long as you aren’t getting tagged because of it. You might not reach pay attention to a lot of myself however when you will do, you will be aware I the stand by position they. I am Matt Santos. And you most useful trust I recognized it ad.